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AGGSH Data bank of émigrés from Schleswig-Holstein
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This interactive data bank allows you to ENTER your known details of ancestors and relatives who emigrated. Quoting your e-mail address will allow easy contact with you in case of an ENQUIRY concerning these data, giving you the potential to find your relatives.
There are different types of enquiries, i.e. by listing FIRST NAMES, FAMILY NAMES or PLACE NAMES.

Emigrants from  Dithmarschen
Here you find about 3600 emigrants listed by surnames who departed between 1868-1920 from the district of Dithmarschen (Northern-Dithmarschen and Southern-Dithmarschen)
Online by  Hans-Peter Voss

Emigrants of the district Rendsburg
Here you find 529 emigrants listed by surnames and also by places of origin, who left between 1868-1884 from the district of Rendsburg.
Online by  Hans-Peter Voss

189 Emigrants of the isle of Fehmarn 
Online by   Hans-Peter Voss

"wo sind sie geblieben"
Emigrants, located in US imigrantion documents. The listed information was researched by Mr. Hans-Georg Boyken. Additions were researched by Mr. Ralph M. Huppert
Online by  Hans-Peter Voss

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

Letters of emigrants  (sent to   or   received from Schleswig-Holstein)



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