AGGSH e. V. Data Bank
Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein
Submitted data will automatically be entered into the emigration data bank of the AGGSH. Subsequently your data can immediately be recalled in abbreviated form.
For any details unknown to you, please leave the corresponding space blank.

Data concerning the emigrant:

Last Name:           

Given Names:       

Date of Birth        (dd/mm/yyyy):

Place of Birth:       

Region of Birth:    (e.g. Dithmarschen, Schleswig, Holstein, Lauenburg):

Departure Data:

Date of Departure:                      (dd/mm/yyyy or 1856 fall)

Emigrant departed from port of   (e.g. Hamburg, Bremen etc.):

Name of Vessel:                         

Destination of emigrant:

Date of arrival at destination:   (dd/mm/yyyy or: 1856, fall)

e.g. North America (Pennsylvania), Australia (New South Wales) , New Zealand South Island), Chile (Valdivia) etc.)

Port of landing:                       

Place of settlement at destination:

Date of settlement:               (dd/mm/yyyy or 1856 fall)

Place of residence:             


Country / State:                   

Date of Burial:                     (dd/mm/yyyy)

Place of Burial:                  

Remarks and additional data   (such as accompanying spouse, children, source of data)

Information submitted by:


E-mail address

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