The inhabitants of the duchy of Schleswig on the 13.February of the year 1803
This database is built by the transcriptions of the census 1803 of the southern part of the duchy of Schleswig,
and  corrected and replaced by the informations of the church books
(see the note).
Our member Johannes Witt in Kiel worked on this several years.
This database is created by Helge Kleve and Hans Peter Voss
This database contained on 18.December 2003 = 121.467 individuals (see the note)

Please choose the church parish where you want to search.
If you want to search in the complete database, than choose "Süd Schleswig".
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NOTE:  Because the results are created by the database automatically, they are in GERMAN only

At the present time the following church parishes are not included in this database:

- In the district of Husum-Bredstedt =    Hallig Groede, Hallig Hooge, Hallig Langneß,  Nordstrand-Odenbüll,
                                                                   Pellworm/Alte Kirche und Pellworm/Neue Kirche.
- In the district of Suedtondern =             Braderup, Dagebüll, Deezbüll, Deezbüll-Koogsgemeinde, Emmelsbüll,
                                                                   Enge, Fahretoft, Föhr-St.Johannis, Horsbüll, Karlum, Klanxbüll, Klixbüll,
                                                                   Ladelund, Leck, Lindholm, Niebüll, Risum, Stedesand und Süderlügum.
- In the district of Nordtondern =            Aventoft, Keitum, Morsum, Neukirchen, Rodenaes und Westerland

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